We will merge your dreams and needs into built reality

Come to us with a site and an idea, and Ascher & Associates will convert your vision into reality.   Our expertise is in taking old, tired or unimaginative buildings and converting them into innovative, spatially-interesting, inviting and useable architecture.  This takes creative thought, intuitive design ability, technical knowledge, and years of experience.

We want our clients to be proud of the buildings they live in, as they are a reflection of themselves.  Their environments may reflect a style or layout they are comfortable with, or perhaps something timeless with no particular style.  What is attractive and meaningful for one may not be for another – we try to suit each client’s individual needs.

Obviously function plays a role in the design, so we are tasked with merging form (design) with function (structure and everyday use).  Innovation and creativity play an important role in this endeavor.  This is particularly critical in the post-pandemic era where repurposing buildings, spaces and environments is now required and commonplace.

We are concerned about the sustainability of our environment

Ascher & Associates always strives to promote conservation and sustainability.  First, we try to work with existing buildings to the extent possible.  Limiting new product sourcing, and keeping materials and products from landfills are the most sustainable approaches. When clients’ programs dictate new construction, we do our best to reuse and repurpose building contents.  Lastly we promote recycling materials and products, appliances and fixtures, etc. We also support donating unused quality products to those less fortunate through Habitat for Humanity, Green Demolitions, The Salvations Army, and other resale vendors.

We Have Experience with Many Building Types

The following is a  list of the building types  in our portfolio:

  • Residential-Single Family
  • Multifamily-Apartments
  • Hospitality-Restaurants
  • Commercial-Office
  • Retail
  • Institutional-Educational
  • Medical
  • Religious

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